Betting Strategies for Baccarat

Origin of Baccarat

Baccarat is a very old card game that was most likely originated in Italy around the year 1400. The game's name is derived from the Italian word "zero." This is because of the fact that the tens, Jacks, Queens, and Kings have no value. The game, also known as Punto (player) Banco (bank), is played from a "shoe" containing 4-8 decks of standard playing cards. Ever wondered about “how to win in baccarat”, well don’t worry! We got you covered.

How to win in Baccarat

Learning how to win in Baccarat seems like a relatively simple and clear casino table game as its essential aim is to bet on a Player or Banker and hope your hand turns the winning one. Nevertheless, once you go the whole nine yards and take a seat at the table with experienced gamblers, you will see that there's much more to it!

Baccarat is a basic game in which wagers can be placed on three different sorts of bets: banker bets, player bets, and ties (standoff). To bet, lay your chips (the equivalent of money) on one of the areas and wait for the dealer to move. Baccarat may appear complex at first, but it is one of the easiest games to learn at online casinos. To be honest, you can play this game without understanding the rules - all you have to do is a wager on the banker, the player, or a tie.

Online Baccarat doesn't differ from the classic version of the game, except for the croupier deals all hands as the players can't touch the cards. Once you start playing, you'll get two cards (the first one from the dealer, and the second one from the house). Keep in mind that the dealer gives a card to the Player first and then to the Banker. In total, the dealer's first-round contains two cards for both the Player and the Banker.

After you obtain the first two cards, you should add their values. Then, both you and the Banker can draw a third card if allowed by the gaming rules. Thus, the Baccarat Player should collect 9 in total or get as close as possible to this meaning.

Betting Strategies For Baccarat

Remember, before you look for “where to play baccarat online?” you must first set your bankroll.

  1. Know the Rules - When playing online baccarat, knowing the rules gives you a sense of control. The truth is that online casinos are already designed to make all game-playing decisions for you, but by learning the regulations and rewards, you should be able to make sound gambling judgments.
  2. Define your betting and time limits - Baccarat is a fast-paced game. As a result, you may be prone to become engrossed in the activity, which frequently leads to excessive wagering and/or playing for an extended period of time in a single sitting. Set a bankroll and a time limit for yourself before you begin playing. When you've depleted your bankroll, it's time to call it quits, at least for the day. When your physical time runs out, you should at the very least take a break from the action.
  3. Bet on the Banker's Side - The house has a 1.24 percent lead on the Player's side. Even after deducting the 5% commission charged on winning hands, the banker has a 1.09 percent edge. It doesn't take a math major to recognize that sticking with the Banker's side has an inherent advantage. It's enticing to attempt to outguess the cards and play both sides. However, statistics show that you should play the Banker's side for the best chance of winning.
  4. Never Bet on Ties - Most online casinos pay out between 8-1 and 9-1 on winning "tie" bets. That may appear to be a decent gamble on the surface, but deeper examination reveals that it is a horrible bet. At 8-1, the house has a 14.4 percent lead, and at 9-1, it has a 4 percent advantage. Those figures will be tough to overcome.
  5. Forget the Systems - There are numerous expert "touts" who will claim you they have a guaranteed strategy for winning in baccarat and would gladly share it with you for a price. The fact is that anyone who had a realistic winning strategy would put it behind closed doors. Don't squander your time or money trying out the most recent methods. Nothing you do will boost your chances of winning because all of the game's decisions are already preset.
  6. Don't Ignore the Streaks - It defies logic, yet streaks have a habit of lasting longer than expected. If you want to play the Banker's side and the Player's side hits three times in a row, take a short pause till the streak ends. There is no reason to play with fate.
  7. Practice, Practice, Practice - If an online casino offers free online baccarat, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of the chance. By playing the game for free, you are getting a free hands-on education on how the game is played and how betting techniques impact the game.

Strategies and Rules

In terms of strategies for Baccarat, there aren't any effective techniques to increase a player's chances of winning. Some players have tried the Martingale betting strategy with varying degrees of success, but the truth is that, aside from luck, there is no mathematical formula to guarantee how to win in baccarat.


Online baccarat is a simple game that takes only a wager and a push of the "deal" button. There are no playing decisions to be made because they are all determined by an inbuilt action grid. Having said that, some valuable information might help you gain a better knowledge of the game's quirks and betting methods.

As previously said, the emphasis on the best way to play Baccarat depends on betting techniques. Every card turn is governed by a set of rules that are displayed on a table for everybody to see. Please keep in mind that all face cards have a value of zero or ten. The rest of the cards are counted at face value.

  • The Bet: The game starts when the player places a bet. There are three different ways to bet. Bets can be placed on the "player," "banker," and/or "tie" spots.
  • The Hand: The dealer will deal two cards to each player and two cards to each banker. Following cards will be dealt completely dependent on the outcome of the first four cards dealt. The goal of the game is to get the closest hand to a total of nine. In reality, a "natural" winner is an 8 or 9 delivered to either side using only the first two cards. If both teams score an eight or a nine, the game is a draw.
  • Player's Guidelines: If the player is dealt a 0-5 card, he or she immediately receives one extra card. If the player receives a 6 or 7, he or she must stand. An 8 or 9 is a good score.
  • Dealer's Rules: The rules for the dealer are a little more intricate. Overall, the dealer's side does one of six potential actions depending on what the player has done. For additional information on these six guidelines, please see our "Gambling Rules" page, which is accessible via the "Getting Started" menu item at the top of our website.
  • Outcomes: Baccarat is regarded as the most advantageous game for the player in terms of gambling. The house has a 1.24 percent edge on the player's side. The advantage for the banker is merely 1.06 percent. Wagering on a tie gives the house a massive 14.4 percent advantage. A victory on the player's side results in a 1-1 payment. The banker's side likewise earns 1-1, but the house receives a 5% commission. Depending on the venue, the rewards for a tie range from 9-1 to 11-1.

Best Live Casinos To Play Baccarat Online

Visit baccarat live dealer to find all online casinos to play baccarat online or check the top list below.

Simplified Online Baccarat Guide


How To Win In Baccarat - The Basics

The goal of the game is to back the winning side of a draw between player and bank. You can back the bank, player, or a tie. This baccarat casino table game is always played against the house regardless of your bet. The side with the highest points (up to 9) wins unless it's a tie!

Baccarat Rules

Just like every game in a casino, each table game has its own rules that govern how to play baccarat, regardless of whether it's offline or online baccarat. The baccarat rules are part of the things that make it stand out among other casino table games. Player rules and Bankers rules are slightly different!

How to play Baccarat with Player Rules

  • The player will always take another card on a total of 5 point or lower

How to play Baccarat with Banker Rules

  • The banker always stands when the total is 7 points or higher
  • The bank will always take another card on a total of 5 points or lower

How to count the Card Value in Baccarat

CardCounts as
How to count baccarat cards

How to Play Baccarat Online for beginners

If you are a beginner, start with mini-baccarat games available on most of the online casinos. Such games have lower table limits and fewer players, so your first gambling experience won't be intimidating. Here is the list of reliable online casinos to play Baccarat and its variations:

Use promotional offers and bonuses suggested by the casino, and push your luck in winning your first Baccarat rounds!

How To Play Baccarat Online

Total Time: 4 minutes

Select an online casino with Live Casino Games

Select a live casino online and load your account, in this case, you deposit them into your live casino account in order to play online baccarat. Go to the cashier to deposit, if you don't have an account yet, you'll need to register first. Some online casinos offer a live casino bonus that you can use for baccarat.

Select a baccarat table

There are many online baccarat tables to choose from with different limits. Select a table where you can place the minimum bet multiplied by the desired amount of hands you want to play with your casino balance.

Take a seat

At most baccarat tables you need to take a seat before you can start playing. You have to wait until a game round is completed in order to be able to place your bet.

Place your bet

After reading our how to win in baccarat guide. Place your desired bet into the bet box in front of your seat. There is a time limit in online baccarat so make sure you do it in time to not miss the round.

The dealer will finish the game

In Baccarat the dealer will automatically make the decision according to the rules of your selected side. Check the online baccarat strategy section above, to help your understanding of how to play baccarat.

Estimated Cost: 1 Local currency


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  • Baccarat Strategy
  • Limits are set per baccarat table


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  • Online Payment Method

How to play Baccarat - Different Bets

Player Bet

When you place a player bet a winning hand will pay 2.0. Meaning a 10 bet turns into 20 with a win.

Banker Bet

When you place a banker bet a winning hand will pay 2.0 - 5% house commission. Meaning a 10 bet turns into 19 with a win.

Tie bet

You can bet on a tie between the bank and the player which pays a whopping 8 to 1 or 9 to 1 depending on the house rules. It's safe to say that placing a tie bet is a blunt gamble, which should be avoided as in the long run this bet has lower returns.

3 Card Wins

Pays 4 to 1 when you backed player and pays 5 to 1 when you backed the banker with the 3 card wins.

Tips to Consider from how to win in Baccarat guide

If you are a newbie in Baccarat, it will take you some time to get used to this gambling. However, if you consider the following tips, you will become an experienced player faster:

  1. Do your best to understand the rules correctly. A clear understanding of Baccarat rules will give you a sense of control when playing online. As a result, you will be able to make proper wagering choices.
  2. Set your own betting and time limits. Before you start playing, set your bankroll and time limits. Once the time is up or you have lost your bankroll, it's time to take a break and quit the game for some time. Otherwise, you risk losing control, which can lead to gambling addiction. 
  3. Forget about betting the ties. Winning "tie" bets might seem reasonable as most online gambling houses pay from 8-1 to 9-1. However, further analysis will show that this is a bad and unlucrative bet.
  4. Play the Banker's side. The advantage on the Banker's side is quite apparent, as it is 1.09% compared to the Player's 1.24% side. Stick with the Banker's side and obtain the best opportunity to win!
  5. Practice getting better results. If you find an online casino that will provide you an opportunity to play for free, use this chance to improve your gambling skills. This way, you get a free hands-on education on how to play Baccarat and how betting strategies influence the game.

How long does it take to learn how to play baccarat?

The basic rules of how to play baccarat can be learned in just 5 minutes. This concerns basic betting options.

What is the difference between baccarat and punto banco?

Punto Banco is the most simplified version of baccarat, which is why it is the most played version of this casino table game.

What is Baccarat mini?

Baccarat Mini is a simplified version of baccarat where the player doesn't touch the cards.

What is the best way to play baccarat?

  • Bet on the Banker's Side - The house has a 1.24% lead on the Player's side. Even after deducting the 5% commission charged on winning hands, the banker has a 1.09% edge. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to recognize that betting on the banker has an advantage.