How To Win With Blackjack Strategy

The goal of the game is to get 21, when you have more you bust (lose)! You and all other players at your table play against the dealer or otherwise called the house. A Blackjack is the best hand A + 10 with the first 2 cards which is only combination to get the perfect hand with 21. 21 with 3 or more cards is 2nd best and from there on the highest hand (you VS casino) under 21 is best. Learn how to play blackjack by understanding the rules.

Here's a rundown of the terms used in blackjack:

  • Hit: Request another card. You can ask for a hit until you decide to stand or bust. 
  • Stand: You opt not to accept any more cards. This hand might then be played by the dealer.
  • Double Down: Double your bet plus an additional card + stand
  • Split: If you have two cards of the same value, you can divide them into two hands. The bet is the same as the first wager, doubling your stake.
  • Surrender: If you believe you are going to lose the hand, you can give up half of your stake.
  • Insurance: If the dealer's up card is an Ace, you can take insurance, which is a gamble equal to half of your initial stake. You're basically betting on the dealer getting a blackjack.

Cheat Sheet Blackjack Strategy

As the rules are different so are the strategies, the uniqueness of the game provides it with some technical strategies. This Cheat Sheet Blackjack is essential to a casino player's success in the game if they are followed both for offline and online blackjack.

1st 2 cards2, 34, 5, 67, 89, 10, A
A + 8, 9SSSS
A + 3, 4, 5, or 6HHHH
H = Hit or Take a card, S = Stand or Do NOT take a card


  • It is very important that in the game of blackjack, you must not take the insurance bet, this rule is a general rule. The only situation where you can use the insurance is if you are using a mathematically proven strategy that will alert you to situations where taking the insurance bet is worthwhile.
  • As a player, you must understand that every possible combination of player hands and dealer-up cards has a mathematically correct play. The basic strategy table underneath will be helpful according to the rule of the game being played.
  • Avoid side bets as they pose an unfavorable position. Stick to the main game.

Blackjack Rules

Just like every game in a casino, each table game has its own rules that govern how to play blackjack, regardless if it's offline or online blackjack. The blackjack rules are part of the things that make it stand out among other casino table games. 

  • When a player has an Ace and a 10 as his first 2 cards giving a count of 21, that is a blackjack
  • The dealer pays a player who has a blackjack if he doesn't have one
  • Blackjack normally pays 3 to 2
  • When the dealer has a blackjack they collect the bets of players who do not have it
  • When the dealer and another player have a blackjack that's a tie
  • When the dealer and the player have the same value of cards it's a push, meaning the bet remains untouched
  • Normally the dealer needs to draw a card until they hit 17, regardless if the dealer has the highest hand
  • You can double your bet for 1 extra card on 9, 10 and 11
  • You can split any pair by adding another stake
CardCounts as
Ace1 or 11
10 + Face Cards10
Blackjack Value Of Cards

Insurance Bet

The insurance bet is offered when the dealer has an Ace. The insurance bet is half of your bet that ensures your initial bet is secured in case the dealer hits blackjack. When the dealer doesn't get blackjack you lose your insurance. Overall it's not recommended to place this bet. Don't be surprised when they ask insurance, know how to play blackjack.

Side Bets

There are many different online blackjack tables to play different variations of the game. Side bets are often seen as 21+3 or perfect pairs. These side bets allow you to play on combinations of cards like perfect pairs and such. As a rule of thumb, you should avoid the side bets as the main game has better odds for you to win.

Double Your Bet

How to play blackjack with bigger bets and better odds. In classic blackjack, you can double your initial bet when you have 9, 10, or 11 with your first 2 cards. This is wise if your odds are high of winning like when against a dealer's hand of 4, 5, or 6. Beware as you'll only receive 1 card!

Splitting In Blackjack

When should you be splitting in Blackjack? You can split your cards when you have a pair. A pair could be 6 & 6, A & A, but even K & Q would be a pair as they both count for 10. To split, you need to add another bet to play against the dealer. The dealer will split your cards to form 2 separate hands to play as usual. Splitting AA is recommended unless the dealer has an A too.

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Where To Play Online Blackjack

Check the best casino sites that provide 24/7 live blackjack tables to start playing. There is more in our “how to win with blackjack” guide. It provides more insights besides the blackjack rules, card values and a cheat sheet that comes in very handy when you're playing online. Scroll down to the top 9 betting strategies for blackjack and a selection of live casinos including wildz casino Canada.

Top 9 Betting Strategies For Blackjack

Here are our top nine techniques to increase your profit when you play Blackjack with real money online. We're not considering betting strategies like the Paroli or Martingale system, as they most often don't work.

  • Look for tables with stakes that are appropriate for your money.

This is a tricky scenario, especially for players with lesser bankrolls, but if you do your homework on the casino you're playing at, you should be able to find out where the lowest and highest stakes are.

  • Divide the Aces and Eights

If you've seen our blackjack cheat sheet, you'll know that splitting in Blackjack with aces and eights is always a good idea. While breaking up eights may appear to be a terrible play, it is still the most likely strategy to win and ultimately generate a nice profit.

  • The dealer is on Soft 17.

Always look for tables where the dealer is on a Soft 17, as this might have a huge influence on your bankroll. When the dealer stands on a Soft 17, the house edge is greatly reduced, making it slightly easier for you to win.

  • When you hold a hand that might bust against the dealer's card, stand.

If the live dealer Blackjack online holds a four, five, or six face-up, it is preferable to stand, especially if you have a poor hand.

  • Select a table that allows you to double down.

There is another guideline that might assist you in lowering the house edge. While some casinos will let you to double down on a 10 or 11, others may allow you to double down on any two cards.

The double downs will increase your bankroll if you play this right. Make certain that you have a solid plan in place to lower the house edge as much as feasible.

  • Against the dealer's six, double down with any ace.

When you have an ace in hand and the dealer's upcard is a six, one of the finest times to take advantage of double downs is when you have an ace in hand and the dealer's upcard is a six. Unless you have a soft 20, you should always double down in this case.

Except when you have a soft 19 or 20, double down if feasible against the dealer's 5.

  • Have a plan in place.

We've said it before and we'll say it again. It's usually a good idea to have a basic plan in place that you may use when playing blackjack. Having a plan in place can help you conserve your bankroll by reinforcing you to play more accurately and preventing you from making costly mistakes.

  • Establish and keep to your boundaries.

When you're ready to play, attempt to decide how much money you're prepared to risk and part with. Maintain your decision throughout the game.

Don't go chasing your money if you're on a losing trend. Once you've made this decision, be glad since it will save you from wagering more than you can afford.

  • Establish a betting strategy.

As with other casino games, you should always have a betting plan in place to enhance your chances of walking away with more money.

Keep in mind that strategies are designed with certain bankrolls in mind. So, if you have a limited bankroll, most betting tactics will not work for you, as you might encounter a losing streak that could wipe out a small balance before getting to apply the blackjack strategy successfully.