What Are Card Protectors?

Poker card protectors are anything you offer that would be useful to safeguard your hole cards during play.

Poker Cards

In an essential sense, a card protector can be used to shield your hand from getting coincidentally collapsed, which can sometimes occur in live poker on the off chance that your hand or an item isn't on top of the cards.

To try not to keep their hands near their cards continually, a few players decide to utilize a card protector or essentially utilize one of their chips.

Be that as it may, these things have different purposes than just safeguarding the cards.

They are all the more frequently utilized as charms and rabbit feet than anything else.

Poker players are a genuinely eccentric gathering overall, with numerous sporting players accepting karma has more to do with poker than expertise, which is why any blessing from the poker divine beings is a welcome sight.

Indeed, a poker card protector, for the most part, won't help you that much-however, it won't hurt you an excess of either and is often an incredible idea.

This article will look into the three most popular poker card protectors.

Poker Chips

The most widely recognized card protector out there is poker chips. Numerous players don't bring a specific card protector but instead utilize the chips they're playing with to safeguard their hands.


Utilizing a solitary chip of the most minimal conceivable category is expected, although players utilize different sections and even gatherings of chips to safeguard their cards.

If you will utilize poker chips as your card protector, ensure you generally utilize a similar chip section and a similar number of chips to watch your cards.

The reasons are very self-evident, as you would rather not offer the worth of your hand and promote that you have an exceptional hand or a medium-sized holding in various circumstances.

Then again, a few players use poker chips from different settings or a specific poker chip as their card protector through their vocations.

Most land-based casinos in Canada and poker rooms around the world won't care either way if you get a chip that doesn't have anything to do with their chips and use it as a card protector at the tables.

Lucky Charms


Different players use things like toys and different things of reflective value that they genuinely think to bring the best of luck.

Strict things are not off the table either, as certain players accept religion and poker blend well, and who's to say they don't?

Whether you got your rabbit's foot from your partner, your cleric, or your shaman, you can utilize essentially any little thing that you accept as being fortunate as your card protector.

Things like coins, little adornments, and other little things that won't conceal your cards are fair game and won't be restricted in any cardroom.

There'll possibly be issues at the club when you begin bringing more extraordinary things that cover your cards or could be utilized to obstruct the game in any capacity.

Creature Dolls


Minimal creature dolls are one of the more well-known decisions for card protectors.

A few players believe they're charming, while others have a more eccentric perspective on things and need to channel energy through their creature doll.

One way or the other, focus whenever you are in a significant poker competition. You'll see that there is no deficiency of pandas, mythical beasts, and dinosaurs on top of the players' cards

Yet again, the main thing you ought to be worried about is the thing not being too large, as you will not be permitted to utilize a card protector that covers and conceals your hole cards.


Some do believe in card protectors to get them luck at the table, while there are others who believe that it could expose your hole cards, thereby causing a huge loss. Follow your heart, as that’s what matters most in the end. Here's a link if you're looking for Poker Card protectors you can buy in Canada.