Are you looking to get free spins? Or better still, do you want free spins to play for real money? Whatever the case may be, it is always important to carry out proper research before making a decision. It would interest you to know that there are lots of online casinos available. However, one promo they use in luring or getting new customers is the word "free spins". 

In this article, our focus would be to discuss possible ways to get free spins to play for real money. This is why you must keep on reading to understand what it entails.  

So, before we delve into the topic of discussion, what exactly is a free spin? 

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What are Free Spins and how do you get free spins? 

Free spins are a popular promotional method of online casinos to promote online slots with free real money spins. This means that you can play an online slot game, and whatever happens, you can rest assured that you won't be losing your money, thus making it a no-brainer for you to start playing. Online casinos usually use it to entice customers to play at their casinos. Also, it is vital to note that different casinos do not offer the same number of free spins as it varies. 

Most times, there are wagering requirements, and these requirements must be met before one can claim those winnings after trying out with a free spin. 

Get free spins to play online slots

4 Ways to get free spins to play for real money 

The following are possible ways to get free spins that would enable you to play for real money. 

  1. Search for best online casinos in Canada with free slots without depositing: Online casino players are always searching for opportunities that would enable them to win some real cash without giving a penny to the online casino. Hence, to achieve that, then it is expected that they search for online casinos with free slots that wouldn't request you to make a deposit. There are trusted online casinos that make such an offer. So, searching for them would boost your chances of not just playing for real money but also winning. 
  1. Sign-up and get a free spin: One way some online casinos use in welcoming new customers is by offering them a welcome bonus which most time is free spins. This would require you to just sign up on their platform and thus, you would be getting a free spin in return. This free spin would enable you to play for real money. 
  1. Watch lots of ads: While some sites offer a free spin on sign up, some might want you to work for it before being granted such. Thus, they may request you watch a certain number of ads as the more you watch the more free spins you get. However, there are certain loopholes in such an offer as well as the timeframe. Once this timeframe has exceeded, the free spin on offer ceases to exist.  
  1. Free spins no deposit bonus codes: While such an offer isn't quite popular, it still exists on some sites. Some online casino sites use free spins bonus codes. These codes are usually found in their reviews or made visible on the casino site. To unlock such an offer, it is expected that you make use of them, else you would invariably miss out. 

Free spins are what most new online casino players look out for. So, with the aforementioned possible ways to get a free spin to play, it can now be assumed that you know how best to get those free spins that would enable you to compete to win real money.  


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