Casino table games have been known for centuries, and there are many different live dealer game variations to choose from. There is a wide variety of casino table games online to choose from, so everyone can find a game that is their perfect fit. We've included the most popular games in our 5 Best Casino Table Games list like blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, and poker.

There are also variations of these games, so players can find a game that is right for them. Players can also find variations of themed table games, such as Sic Bo, Caribbean Stud, and Caribbean Stud High-Low. With so many choices, there is sure to be a game that is perfect for everyone.

5 Best Casino Table Games List

Learn about the games available to you in the next section and see if you can maximize your bankroll from the comfort of your own home with our 5 best casino table games list!


One of the most popular and enjoyable table games is blackjack. For those unfamiliar with the game, blackjack is also called 21 where you play against the house with the aim to reach 21 points or ideally blackjack. The rules state that you should never exceed 21 points. Getting more than 21 points will make you ''bust'', which also counts for the dealer.

If you have blackjack, 21 or more points (below 21) than the dealer you win. If you have the same amount of points it's called push. You can find out more about the rules of this game by checking our blackjack guide for Canada.


The winning strategy for roulette is not set in stone, and you can win or lose money depending on your luck. There's 1 ball and 1 wheel, where you bet on where the ball lands on the wheel. You can bet directly on the numbers, corners, and ranges of numbers There are multiple variations of roulette, including European/French roulette, and American roulette. If you want to experience something exciting and new, try playing any of the versions like Lightning Roulette or 3 wheel roulette, but stay away from Russian roulette!

There are theories and strategies to play roulette, read all about it in our live roulette guide for Canada.


Baccarat can be played by three to six players at a table, but you always play against the house. There are 2 options to bet as you can back the banker or the player. The banker deals cards from a shoe - where the cards are kept. The player can bet on either of these hands, the highest amount of points is 9 and anything above that turn into lower scores. For example 13 becomes 3.

The highst hand wins while it's a stand of when both hands have the same amount of points. Learn how to play this complex table game with our Baccarat Guide for Canada.


Craps is a game of chance in which a player wagers money on the result of a single roll of 2 dice. The player can bet on the passline to try and bet on the numbers on the board. Hitting any of 4-5-6-8-9-10 will pass the game to ON which means you can start betting on the board numbers for the next shoots. 7 and 11 are the unlucky numbers in Craps and in a live casino players have the superstition not mention those numbers.

This game is really fun online too and a hot streak can really boost your bankroll quickly. Every time you hit a number on the board you betted on, will get you paid out untill you hit 1 of the unlucky numbers. Find out where to play live Craps in Canada here.

Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Holdem Poker is classified a skill game instead of a game of chance, which is played with 2 standard decks of 52 cards. The game is played at a table with between two to eight players, there are still different table rules depending on the tournaments or cash games which are always displayed at the table information, while at a live casino it's best to ask the dealer.

The goal of the game is simple: make the best combination of 5 cards with your hand (2 cards) and 5 cards on the table. The player with the best 5 cards wins the pot. This game is a must have inclusion to our 5 best casino table games for 2022.

The Benefits of Playing Casino Table Games

Casino table games are a great way to enjoy some fun, excitement, and entertainment. They are also a great way to increase your chances of winning against the casino. There are a variety of different table games to choose from, and each has its own set of benefits.

Many people enjoy trying their luck and playing for hours on end. They can also be entertaining to watch and chat with others about. Casino table games are a great option if you are looking for a worthy pass time. They also offer a way to make money, which can greatly supplement your income.

The Best Strategies for Winning At Casino Table Games


Don't fall for gambler's fallacy! These table games can be a lot of fun, but they can also be a lot of work. The best strategies for winning good preparation, knowing your options and knowing when to bet and fold. Being prepared means knowing what games you are playing, the stakes, and the odds.

The best strategy for winning is to play a variety of games and take advantage of your bankroll. Knowing your options the tricks the casino is trying to pull on you, and when to bet and when to fold means knowing when to risk money and when to save it.

Don't put all your chips on one card. You can bet more than one hand at once, but it's generally better to spread out your bets so that each hand has its own winner. This gives you more options and makes it harder for the casino to beat you down.

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All of the games in out 5 best Casino table games involve putting money (or chips) on the table and then betting on the outcome of a random process, such as a roll of the dice (as in craps or Sic Bo), or spinning a wheel (as in Roulette). The most common games played at the casino are card games like Blackjack, but there are other games, like poker and baccarat.