What Is Slingo Game

If you appreciate playing bingo and spinning the reels on slots, then you'd like to know how to play Slingo. It's fast-paced action aplenty that will keep you captivated time and again, a blend of both genres. Create winning lines, utilize your expertise to arrange bonus symbols correctly, and accumulate points to trade for cash rewards.

We'll go over all you need to know about how to play Slingo and how to win Slingo in this tutorial.

Instructions On How To Play Slingo


If you love playing online games, you've probably tried your hand at slots and bingo at some point. You may now mix both games into a structure sweeping the online casino sector.

As the name implies, Slingo is a blend of bingo and slots, introducing a fun new game variety that may be designed after some of your favourite slot titles.

A 5 × 5 grid displays you randomly selected 25 numbers from the standard 75-ball bingo format in the basic Slingo game. A single line "slot" mechanism runs down the bottom of the grid, spinning around to reveal five digits with each spin. The game gives you ten spins, and the goal is to cross out as many of the digits on your grid as possible. When the bingo speaker reads out the numbers, it's much like checking your numbers on a card.

You may gain points as you make winning lines, and your total points after the 10 spins will give out a cash reward.

Because you're in the realm of casino pleasure, there are some fascinating extra features to look forward to when you play Slingo online. The bottom rotating slot line does more than merely generate numbers. Bonus symbols can appear in the same way they do in regular slots.

These may be the Joker, which allows you to choose a number from the grid in the column above the Joker sign. A Super Joker allows you to select any number on the grid, and three or more Jokers/Super Jokers result in an instant cash award. You may also land a Free Spin icon for one more spin of the slot reels or a Coin symbol for an additional cash payout. But beware of the small Devil, who will prevent one number from matching.

Continue Playing Slingo

Winning diagonal, vertical, and horizontal lines, entire houses, and other combinations earn you points throughout the game. When it's all said and done, the person with the most points (in multiplayer mode) gets the grand prize. Of course, some of this is down to chance, but certain Slingo games have additional rounds. Like slot machines, you may be required to select three symbols to reveal the prize.

Other Slingo games include an interesting feature in which you may buy more spins throughout the game if you are near to making more winning lines or even a full house.

But be careful — there is a time restriction in the multiplayer versions, so make sure you finish all of your spins on time!

Are You Prepared For Online Slingo Thrills?

Slingo online is one of those games that we believe you will like. It's the ideal combination of communal bingo and fast-paced slot fun. Visit the best Slingo Casino Sites today to test out a variety of amazing Slingo games, or visit some good old Canadian online slots sites!