Best Progressive Jackpots in Canada

The best progressive jackpots in Canada can be found in many online casinos. There is a good selection of online progressive jackpots to choose from which gives you a good head start unless you're from Ontario (Sorry!). Every other Canadian can currently enjoy the selection jackpots that are being filled by players from all over the world, more players = bigger jackpots!

Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot by Games Global

The Mega Moolah is one of the oldest progressive jackpots that were introduced to online casinos in Canada by Microgaming. The Mega Moolah jackpot games are now playable at Games Global Casinos and there are 10 Mega Moolah slots you can play to try to win the Mega Moolah prize pots.

Is featured in the Guinness book of world records when a lucky player named Jon Heywood from Cardiff Wales won the equivalent of $20,062,600 which was paid out in euros which is the currency he used at Betway casino.


Win Mega Moolah Jackpots

  • Mega Jackpot from 1,000,000 dollars
  • Major Jackpot from 10,000 dollars
  • Minor Jackpot from 100 dollars
  • Mini Jackpot from 10 dollars

Play Mega Moolah Jackpot Slots

  • Mega Moolah
  • Mega Moolah Goddess
  • Mega Moolah Lucky Bells
  • Mega Moolah The Witch's Moon
  • Juicy Joker Mega Moolah
  • Fortunium Gold Mega Moolah
  • Absolootly Mad Mega Moolah
  • Starlite Fruits Mega Moolah
  • Thunderstruck II Mega Moolah
  • Immortal Romance Mega Moolah

Progressive prize pool value: 1,000,000 - 20,000,000 dollars

Wowpot Progressive Jackpot by Games Global

There are currently 9 jackpot games that are part of the Wowpot Jackpot which were exclusive to Microgaming that is now being published to Games Global Casinos. The WOWPOT is very popular with special thanks to the big prizes that can be won, by playing the following games.

The biggest win was a massive 17.5 million euros on the Book of Atem Wowpot in April 2021.

Win Wowpot Jackpots

  • WOWpot Jackpot from 2,000,000 dollars
  • Major Jackpot from 50,000 dollars
  • Minor Jackpot from 100 dollars
  • Mini Jackpot from 10 dollars

Play Wowpot Jackpot Slots

  • Cash N Riches WOWPOT Megaways
  • Ancient Fortunes: Poseidon WOWPOT Megaways
  • Queen of Alexandria WOWPOT
  • Sisters of Oz WOWPOT
  • 10000 Wishes WOWPOT
  • Book of Atem WOWPOT
  • Sherlock and Moriarty WOWPOT
  • 9 Blazing Diamonds WOWPOT
  • Foxpot

Progressive prize pool value: 1,000,000 - 18,000,000 dollars

Dream Drop Progressive Jackpot by Relax Gaming

The dream drop progressive jackpot has 5 different tiers that can be won in the special dream drop slots selection. The must-win level for the mega jackpot is 1 million $, but starts at half a million and is capped at 10 million euros or its equivalent in Canadian dollars. The dream drop jackpots are not the highest-value jackpots on the market, but they offer a nice selection of games at Relax Gaming Casinos.

Win Relax Gaming jackpots

  • Mega Jackpot from 5000,000 dollars
  • Major Jackpot from 25,000 dollars
  • Maxi Jackpot from 100 dollars
  • Midi Jackpot from 5 dollars
  • Rapid Jackpot from 1 dollar

Play Dream Drop Progressive jackpot slots

  • Dream Drop Diamonds
  • Neko Night Dream Drop
  • TNT Tumble Dream Drop
  • Wild Chapo Dream Drop
  • Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop
  • Snake Arena Dream Drop
  • Temple Tumble 2 Dream Drop

Progressive prize pool value: 500,000 - 10,000,000 dollars

Progressive Jackpot by Netent

The previous holder of the Guinness book of world Records for the biggest win on a slot game with a massive 17.86 million euros which was won on Mega Fortune. Netent has paid out millions in winnings to players playing their progressive jackpot games, which is unlikely to change any time soon.

Win Netent Jackpots

  • Rapid Jackpot from 50 dollars
  • Major Jackpot from 5,000 dollars
  • Mega jackpot from 2,000,000 dollars

Play Netent Progressive jackpot slots

  • Mega Fortune™
  • Hall of Gods™
  • Arabian Nights™
  • Mega Fortune Dreams™

Progressive prize pool value: 2,000,000 dollars

Progressive Jackpot by Yggdrasil

Fans of progressive jackpots in Canada can count on another popular slot game provider to deliver exciting progressive jackpot slots with Yggdrasil. The progressive jackpot can be won on new titles Joker Millions and Empire Fortune, with more slot titles to be announced.

Win Yggdrasil Jackpots

  • Empire Jackpot from 3,000,000 dollars
  • Diamond Jackpot from 15,727 dollars
  • Gold Jackpot from 209 dollars

Play Yggdrasil Progressive jackpot slots

  • Joker Millions
  • Empire Fortune

The biggest Yggdrasil progressive jackpot win was a solid 2.9 million euros by a player from Norway at LeoVegas Casino.

Progressive prize pool value: around 1 million dollars

PowerJackpot Progressive Jackpot by Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play Casinos known for their drops and wins promotions will now have access to a new progressive jackpot called PowerJackpot that is live on 1 slot at this moment. Wolf Gold PowerJackpot is the first slot game to feature this new progressive that is a community jackpot.

How Does The PowerJackpot Community Pool work?

The powerjackpot is split 50/50 in 2 pools with 50% of the PowerJackpot going to the lucky winner that triggered the powerjackpot, while the other 50% is given to the last 1000 players that have played powerjackpot slots. This unique touch to a progressive jackpot gets more players involved in the action.

Win Pragmatic Play Jackpots

  • Mini Jackpot from 50 dollars
  • Minor Jackpot from 1,000 dollars
  • Major Jackpot from 10,000 dollars
  • Power Jackpot Community Pool from 1,000,000 dollars

Play Pragmatic Play PowerJackpot Slots

  • Wolf Gold PowerJackpot

What's The Difference Between Progressive Jackpots & Fixed Jackpots

Types of Jackpots

Jackpot slots work pretty much the same for both land-based casinos and online casinos. But the advantages of playing jackpot slots online are very glaring; convenience, variety, and bonuses, among several other side attractions. 

Not to dwell on that, let’s delve right into the types of jackpots you can play.

  • Fixed Jackpot

A fixed jackpot as the name suggests has a fixed amount tied to the payout. The typical price is less than $10,000. With the value being lower than progressives, they tend to be won more often and are not connected to a shared prize pool but are part of the regular RTP distribution in a slot game.

  • Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpots in Canada are way less common than fixed jackpots, especially for online casinos. How does the progressive jackpot work? It’s simple! The prize money keeps increasing as a portion of all the wagers from all online casinos with progressive slot games that are tied to the prize pool contribute to the money until a player wins.

There are also a number of variations of progressive jackpots. For online casinos, what you’ll mostly find is a wide progressive jackpot. Where the jackpot is shared across several individual online casinos. This allows the jackpots to become massive in no time.

What is Jackpot Drop?

Online Casino Jackpots exist in different shades and types. Apart from the common factor that almost all jackpots are progressive, there’s so much to differentiate the games. 

One of the major differences in jackpots is how often they are won. This is what is termed a Jackpot Drop - it determines how often a win drops. So, we’ve got hourly drops, daily drops, must drops, and a few other variants depending on the online casino. A jackpot is triggered when you get the three jackpot symbols. The jackpot drop you get is determined when you spin the wheel.

As the jackpots are progressive, it only implies that the longer it takes to pool funds, the bigger the prize sum. Although the more lengthy drops start with a larger sum, they yet have much bigger prizes cos there’s more time for the sum to grow.

Ready to try your luck with progressive jackpots in Canada? Then check out our best jackpot casinos.


What is the biggest progressive jackpot in Canada?

The Mega Moolah is to date still the biggest progressive jackpot that can be won in Canada. It's even listed in the Guinness book of world Records for the biggest win ever on a slot machine, but that record might be broken again soon.

What is the biggest progressive jackpot ever won?

The Mega Moolah is known as the millionaire maker for a reason. A lucky player named Jon Heywood from Cardiff Wales won the equivalent of $20,062,600 which was paid out in euros which is the currency he used to spin on the Mega Moolah slot at Betway casino.

What is a jackpot drop?

A jackpot drops when it's won by a lucky player. So when the jackpot drops the progressive prize pool is won and for a progressive jackpot that normally means it resets the prize pot to a minimum seed amount and will probably take a while to drop again.

On which casino games can I win a casino jackpot?

You will find all jackpot slots in a special section in the casino games lobby. An online casino can also offer additional jackpots that can be won on specific games like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, or Poker.

What happens when no one wins the casino jackpot?

The jackpot keeps going up if it's not won unless there is a maximum set amount or a time limit like the jackpot drop. Eventually, the casino or the casino game provider needs to pay out a jackpot amount as is written in their terms and conditions.

What is a progressive jackpot slot?

The most common casino jackpot you can win is won on progressive jackpot slots. With every qualified spin, a % of the bet goes into the prize pool which increases the total jackpot amount.

Can I win more than one jackpot in a casino?

You can only win 1 casino jackpot per spin. Having said that it's possible to win more than 1 jackpot in a casino, you just need to be incredibly lucky. The odds are about 1 in 50 million spins!

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