We Tried to Calculate a new Responsible Gambling Limit for Canada

In order to understand the number of Canadian dollars that a person in Canada would have at their disposal we did some research to get the salaries per region in Canada including all provicnes and teritories. We tried to take an average per person and not per household as those numbers are higher. It's safer to assume the lowest limit than the highest.

Average Salary in Canada 2022

Average Salaries per month per region in Canada

Costs of living in Canada

CitySmall ApartmentLiving Expenses (1 person)Monthly Spend
Breakdown to average budget per Canadian for entertainment

We've taken a small apartment and living expenses for 1 person for the most expensive and the least expensive cities in the top 5 populated cities in Canada.

The monthly spend hereby covers transportation, food & drinks and regular costs that one will need to cover the basic needs of life.

Average Income per household in Canada 2022

2022 (Individual)
British Columbia$50,749
Newfoundland and Labrador$57,900
Nova Scotia$45,900
New Brunswick$43,400
Northwest Territories$64,056
Prince Edward Island$44,700
Average Income per household per region
Average household income in Canada

Calculating a Healthy Limit For Gamblers

The reason why we excluded the household income is clear in the difference in income VS salaries. Since a person earns a salary and a household earns a joint income it's not fair to take this hard earned family income as disposable income for a gambler.

Gambling is often done by a person and not as a family while generalizing that everyone has a family also wouldn't be fair.

Our new responsible gambling limit for gambling in Canada should be able to be applied to all and still promote responsible gambling ethics.

Average salary per person in Canada

Responsible Gambling Limit for Canada

The median monthly Pay Rate for Full-time employees in Canada is about C$3,171

The cost of living including a small apartment is about C$2,557

The responsible gambling limit for Canada should be about C$614 per month

We calculated this amount should be the deposit limit to set in your casino account as your monthly deposit limit with an eye on responsible gambling in Canada.

5 Different Types of gamblers

Healthy Interest Gamblers

People who like a personal or social setting related to gambling and/or betting. Health gamblers have a budget to gamble for fun and consider the budget as a spend for entertainment. When the budget runs out they normally tend to stop gambling unless they have sufficient disposable funds to increase their spending for their own entertainment. This type of gambler doesn't gamble for extensive time periods and considers the placed bets or gambling budget as potentially lost and enjoys winning when they do.

Social Gamblers

Social gamblers spend more time gambling than healthy interest gamblers and it may even be the main form of entertainment for this type of player. The social gambler has priorities in the right order with family and responsibilities over their hobby. Serious social gamblers like to discuss their bets with friends and tend to bet in systems and increase their engagement and stakes during special events like the world cup and other events.

Professional Gamblers

Make their living by gambling hence the name. Professional gamblers have knowledge of the gambles and bets they place, and are able to choose the amount of money that's at stake and the time they choose to invest in gambling. Professional gamblers are not addicted to gambling, as you might think. Professionals wait for the best bet and try to optimize their stakes to get the highest return or lowest risk on investment. Professional gamblers can still develop gambling problems.

Compulsive Gamblers

Compulsive gamblers are people that have no control over their gambling habits and feel the need to gamble. These problem gamblers experience severe problems in their life and potentially others close to them due to gambling. This is the highest-risk group of gamblers that casinos need to provide assistance to as their destructive gambling behavior can be a danger to themselves and even the casino operator.

The behavior of Compulsive Gamblers

  • Increasing the number of deposits, deposits, and time spent to gamble
  • Lowering the deposits which is an indication of limited funds available
  • Switching deposit methods to make bigger deposits with another method
  • Creating aliases or other player accounts to continue gambling

If you identify as a compulsive gamblers, or you believe you might you can find help on our responsible gambling page.

Anti-social Gamblers

Anti-social gamblers use gambling to financially gain from it. This may be with match-fixing, or money laundry acts from stolen credit cards. This type of player is not a gambler but in fact a criminal that will avoid detection at all costs and identifies as a problem gambler to the outside world.

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