Best Bonus List Promotes Responsible Gaming

At Best Bonus List we encourage the use of responsible gambling tools that can help prevent problems before they arise. Online gambling has a higher risk of problem gambling than playing at land-based casinos due to the fact that we use online banking tools that have no limits.

Look for the responsible gambling box in our online casino reviews under casino details.


Signs of Gambling Addiction

  • Finding yourself spending most of your free time gambling
  • Compulsive need to gamble
  • Playing with more money than you can afford to lose
  • Increasing bet size while gambling
  • Chasing previous losses
  • Borrowing money to keep gambling online or offline
  • When gambling is more important than your friends and family

Responsible Gaming Tools

These responsible gaming tools are highlighted in our online casino reviews and will help you to keep online gambling for entertainment purposes only.

  • Deposit Limit
  • Loss Limit
  • Session Limit
  • Wagering limit
  • Player History
  • Time Alert
  • Self-Exclusion
  • Self-Assesment

Responsible Gambling Council

The responsible gambling council or RGC in short is set up to promote safer gambling and offers help for English and French-speaking Canadians. They have over 35 years of experience dealing with gambling addiction, problem gambling and underage gambling in Canada.

  • Safer Play
  • Help for Problem Gambling
  • Problem Gambling Prevention
Responsible Gambling in Canada

Problem Gambling Helplines in Canada

Confidential and open 24 hours a day.

Problem Gambling Helpline Alberta

Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission Helpline

Problem Gambling Helpline British Columbia

British Columbia ­ Problem Gambling Information and Referral Service

Problem Gambling Helpline Manitoba

Manitoba Gambling Helpline

Problem Gambling Helpline New Brunswick

New Brunswick Problem Gamblers Hotline

Problem Gambling Helpline Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador Helpline

Problem Gambling Helpline Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Toll-Free Gambling Helpline

Problem Gambling Helpline Nunavut Kamtsiaqtut

Nunavut Kamatsiaqtut Helpline


Problem Gambling Helpline Ontario

Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline

Problem Gambling Helpline Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island Gambling Addiction Treatment Program

Problem Gambling Helpline Québec

Québec – Gambling Help and Referral
(514) 527-0140 Montreal and surrounding area
1-800-461-0140 and 1-866-767-5389 throughout the province

Problem Gambling Helpline Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Problem Gambling Helpline

Source: Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse

Underage Gambling And Parental Control

There is such a thing as underage gambling and it's possible to prevent this from happening online. There is a free to use software available that prevents access to online casinos in Canada.


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