The Superbowl LV: Everything You Should Know

Superbowl LV, arguably the most significant sporting gambling event worldwide right now, is set to go down this Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021.
Superbowl LV Worth More Than $6.8 Billion For Gambling

However, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is set to become the least-attended game ever, with only 22,000 fans allowed into the stadium. 

There are many things to know about the Superbowl, especially if you place wagers. There’s always massive cash out from betting on the NFL. Last year, bookies in Nevada won $18.7million off $154.6 million in bets. 

In a bid to help you identify the perfect opportunity to win, this article will give you previews, tips, and vital information that can help you bet on the NFL, choose the possible MVP, and more importantly, answer the pressing question, “Who’s favoured to win the super bowl?”.

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    Superbowl LV Worth More Than $6.8 Billion For Gambling

    Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. Home of Super Bowl LV

    How Did They Get Here?

    A very unpredictable NFL season will reach its climax when the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers meet at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. 

    The Bucs booked their spot by beating the Green Bay Packers in Lambeau. Defending Champions Kansas Chiefs defeated the Buffalo Bills at Arrowhead to play in the second consecutive year’s finals. Tom Brady and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers head into the game as the first team in the history of the NFL to play the final in their home stadium. 

    This could tip the odds in their favour, or will the Kansas City Chiefs led by the mercurial Patrick Mahomes become the first team in 16 years to retain their title?

    What Happened the Last Time They Met?

    They met earlier in the season in Week 12 on Nov. 29. The Chiefs ran into a big early lead, 17-0, but the Bucs, led by Brady, rallied and pulled within three in the fourth quarter. 

    The Chiefs held on to win 27-24. 

    Final scores can sometimes be misleading, though. The final margins could have been more if the Chiefs did not take a step off the gas in the second half. They may win by wider margins in the final. 

    Possible MVP

    Chiefs quarterback and star man Patrick Mahomes is the favourite for the MVP award, and he is arguably the best quarterback in the game. He has crazy projections at 350 yards! 

    Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady comes second; at 43 years old, what he does is incredible! He also has excellent projections and has been on fire since the second half of the NFL season. 

    Chiefs Wide Receiver Tyreek Hill was very influential in their last meeting and could significantly impact Sunday. The Bucs could hang with him despite switching up their coverages in the game.  

    Bucs Travis Kelce is a dark horse in the race. His excellent matchup abilities make him challenging to slow down or stop.

    What Are Bookmakers Saying?

    Bookmakers are tipping the Chiefs as favourites to win the Lombardi trophy this year over the Buccaneers. Teams from the AFC have also won five of the last six Superbowls. 

    Kansas City Chiefs have a -3(-105) point spread against the Bucs’s +3 (+105), making them favourites. 

    Some are also projecting a 30-24 final in favour of the Chiefs. If this holds, this makes Tom Brady an underdog for the second time ever in the Super Bowl. The Moneyline is put at Chiefs -171, Bucs +145 with the Over/Under total at 56 points. 


    Do Jerseys Matter?

    The Buccaneers opted for their white jerseys and pewter pants instead of their historically more intimidating red jerseys even though they had the first pick. On the other hand, the Chiefs will don their red jersey and white pants, which they won the champions with last Superbowl. 

    But do uniforms matter? 

    They probably do, on small margins. 

    Both teams have red as their dominant colour, a repeat of last year. Red is a colour associated with power, dominance, and aggression. A ten-year study revealed that judges have a bias against athletes with red jerseys. 

    But, could this slight advantage make all the difference, even though the Bucs have had their most success with the white jerseys this season? Or could this be plain superstition and have no bearing on the game?

    What Are Some of The Early Actions Taken?

    A wager of over $500,000 was placed on Monday, Feb. 1, around noon at Caesars Palace in Nevada. A bet of $520,000 was placed on the Kansas City Chiefs at a point spread -3 (-120). The potential win is $433,33.35 if the Chiefs cover. 

    A $2.3 million wager has also been placed by one bettor with BetMGM in Nevada on the Bucs 3.5(-115) for the Superbowl LV. Bookies have reported a bigger liability on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning the Superbowl, which has been the case since Tom Brady became a free agent. BetMGM has 9% of their bets on the Buccaneers and 12% on the Chiefs, but they have double liability with a Bucs’ win.

    Sunday is fast approaching. To bet on the Super Bowl and win big, every prediction must be guided by facts and information. We hope this article helps make you better informed.