Best Online Casino Loyalty Programs

You will find the best online casino loyalty programs at the following casinos in Canada. The programs might vary from casino to casino, but loyal players will not be neglected when choosing any of these casino sites to play on a regular basis.

  • rating: 8.4
  • rating: 8.6
  • rating: 8.9
King of Casino
  • rating: 6.1
  • rating: 8.6
  • rating: 8.9
Casino Rewards Casino
  • rating: 6.6
  • rating: 6.6
  • rating: 8.9
C$5 Minimum Deposit
  • rating: 4.6
  • rating: 7
  • rating: 8.9
C$1 Deposit Casino
  • rating: 3.8
  • rating: 7.4
  • rating: 7
  • rating: 1.8
  • rating: 2.8
  • rating: 7.1
Popular Casino in Ontario
  • rating: 3.2
  • rating: 6.6
  • rating: 6.9
  • rating: 4.7
  • rating: 8
  • rating: 8

An online casino loyalty program is simply another name for a VIP program.

Online casinos want you to sign up and keep playing forever ideally, and these loyalty programs are there to encourage you to do play some live casino or wager a few more C$ so you can unlock a bonus. An online casino loyalty program is for players that will not reach a high roller status but are frequent players. To become a VIP you simply need to wager a lot of bucks which is not achievable for everybody. As a result, these great online casinos provide VIP/loyalty programs to recruit new players and reward their most loyal customers so everyone stays happy.

As a result, in the same way, that airlines provide "frequent flyer miles" to encourage consumers, online casinos offer VIP program benefits to frequent players. Rewards are often earned in these programs simply by engaging in and gambling on different online slots or table games such as blackjack, poker, and roulette at live casinos online.

Different Types Of Online Casino Loyalty Rewards

As loyalty and VIP programs grow more common, online casinos compete to outdo one another in terms of originality and rewards. They know you're looking for the finest promotional deals connected to the games they play the most frequently - and if you aren't, you should be.

We propose determining the appropriate form of incentive for you. While the sorts of incentives provided differ from every site, these are the most prevalent.

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  • Cashback Bonuses

The most prevalent sort of loyalty program incentive, every player can appreciate having a little additional money in their bankroll. While circumstances vary, cash back benefits are normally received as a percentage of a player's wagers.

  • Tournament Entries

Some casino sites give spots at casino tournaments as a reward for regular play are a very popular alternative for real money poker rooms.

  • Prizes for Free Spins

Those who like online casino slot games are aware that the more they play, the more VIP points they accumulate, which are frequently redeemed for free spins on a weekly or monthly basis. These rewards may be automatically cashed and credited to a player's account, or they may necessitate some action on the part of the player.

  • Prizes

These are becoming less common, although they can still be found at some casinos, usually in the more expensive loyalty and casino VIP programs.

Types Of VIP & Loyalty Program

  • Point-Based Casino Rewards Programs

Earn casino loyalty points based on the amount of money you gamble.

Casino VIP programs based on points are designed for frequent players. Players receive points in a points-based scheme based on how frequently they play and how much they gamble. 

Loyalty points may then be turned into cash, free withdrawals, free spins, reduced vig (house edge), tournament entry, and other benefits.

  • Tier-Based Programs

As you advance through the tiers, you will get progressively significant incentives.

In our top online casino evaluations, tier-based loyalty and VIP schemes are among the most frequent.

These programs are straightforward: based on how much and how frequently a player wagers, they will progress through "tiers" of VIP benefits. With each subsequent tier, the player gains access to ever superior reward schemes.

Slotvibe casino loyalty program

How To Join A Casino VIP Program And Earn Rewards

In most situations, after you've decided on an online casino, registered a new account, and made your first deposit, you'll be immediately enrolled in your casino VIP program.

The casino's technology will then track your wagering and offer points or incentives based on how the program is designed. In summary, the more you participate and gamble, the more VIP program points and prestige you will receive.

Some VIP programs, however, are invite-only or limited to high-rollers, exactly like at Vegas casinos. These sorts of loyalty programs are rarely marketed; instead, invites are sent via email or internal messaging service. These bonuses are highly sought for and, at times, closely guarded.

These online casino loyalty programs are frequently given on an ad hoc basis, and the conditions and incentives generally vary from player to player and casino to casino. As a result, we can't tell you what to expect, but if you're gambling large money — win or lose - your online casino will want to keep you around. The more you gamble, the more benefits you will receive.

How To Claim Rewards from Online Casino Loyalty Programs

Many of these awards are, once again, automatic. Once you've achieved a specific tier or acquired a certain number of casino loyalty points, the casino will contact you through an internal message or email to notify you that incentives are available and how to claim them.

However, certain online casinos, particularly those with point-based systems, require player control because it is up to the player whether to payout.

In most circumstances, you can find your award progress by going to your profile page. When you use the casino's navigation to visit your profile or bankroll page, you'll often see your reward points or tier advancement, as well as the ability to cash them in.