Origin of Blackjack

Now you can play online blackjack, but blackjack with live dealer started hundreds of years ago. The origin of blackjack supposedly dates back to the year 1760, in France during World War l. At the inception of the game, it was widely called Vingt-et-un (French for 21). Blackjack is one of the most attractive casino games for players, the odds are less even for players who participate by playing reasonable games. The game is the one card game that is available in all casinos across Canada. It is available in almost all online and offline casinos.

Best live dealer casinos

Is Online Blackjack Canada Legal?

It is legal to play online blackjack in Canada, just make sure that you play at one of the remote casinos that are listed here or your state-licensed casino. The remote licensed casinos offer a bigger selection of games and blackjack tables, which makes it a lot more fun to be playing in an online live casino.

Playing Offline VS Online

There is no real competition between these two. Playing in a local casino can be nice for an occasion, but you can play online from anywhere at any time. The other big difference is the casino welcome bonus that you will never see in a brick and mortar casino. Visit the casino bonus Canada page to see the best offers.

Play Blackjack With Real Money Online

How to play Blackjack with Live Dealer

Total Time: 4 minutes

Select an online casino in Canada to play blackjack

Choose an Canadian online casino and deposit funds into your player account, in this case, you deposit them into your live casino account in order to play blackjack with live dealer. Go to the cashier to deposit, if you don't have an account yet, you'll need to register first. Some online casinos offer a live casino bonus that you can use for blackjack.

Go to the casino game lobby and select blackjack table

There are many online blackjack tables to choose from with different limits. Select a table where you can place the minimum bet multiplied by the desired amount of hands you want to play with your casino balance.

Take a seat

At most blackjack tables you need to take a seat before you can start playing. You have to wait until a game round is completed in order to be able to place your bet.

Place your bet

How to play blackjack with real money. Place your desired bet into the place your bet box in front of your seat. There is a time limit in online blackjack so make sure you do it in time to not miss the round.

Hit, Stand, Split or Double

Depending on your first 2 cards the game will automatically show you when you need to make a decision. Do this in time in order not to be skipped. Check the online blackjack strategy section above, to help in your decision on how to play blackjack.

Estimated Cost: 5 CAD


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  • Limits are set per blackjack table


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Blackjack Strategies

Learn How To Win With Blackjack With Our Blackjack Guide

Visit our how to win with blackjack guide to learn 9 simple strategies to play blackjack and increase your chances of winning. You'll find the value of cards, basic rules, a cheat sheet to keep at hand to make your decisions and there's even an advanced strategy to count cards.

Where to Play Blackjack with Live Dealer

Where to play online blackjack in Canada for real money? These casino sites offer 24/7 blackjack with live dealer, for the best online gaming experience to rival the best online casino in Canada be it online or a local casino with a wide selection of table limits and game varieties. The casino studios stream 24/7 all you have to do is pick an available seat at a table with the right table limit.

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