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In our online casino game reviews, you find important information to play the best casino games for real money. Most real money slots and live casino games have specific rules you can learn how to play online. Every week new games are published and knowing how to play them increases your chances to win, by making the right decisions and avoiding unnecessary risks.

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Casino Games Guides: Learn How To Play

These casino games have a set of rules that are good to learn in order to increase your odds when you're playing for real money. The house always has the upper hand when it comes to odds, but knowing the do's and don't greatly increase yours. These casino guides to the casino games best odds provide a good starting point to winning at top online casino sites in Canada.

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Play Casino Games for Real Money

Here you'll find all online casino games for real money. In each casino game review, you'll find out the special game features, how to play, and which online casino offers a bonus to play online. Go directly to legal online casinos in Canada or to our best casino bonus Canada page for more.

Online slots

Probably the easiest games to play as the rules are irrelevant and at the end of each spin, you either win or lose. There are so many slots for real money to choose from it wouldn't be possible to list them all here. However, we've listed the best online slots that are fun to play. It's estimated that over 7500 slot games exist. So many slot games to play online, you wouldn't be able to play all of them. Even if you'd play 1 slot game per day, every day, for the next 20 years! Visit our Canadian slots casinos to get started.

Table Games

Finally, the games in this best casino games section we list casino table games. The table games require a bit more knowledge to get started. Surely, games like Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Baccarat (Punto Banco), and Craps are classic casino games and in this section, there is no live dealer. Play Casino table games online for real money with a live dealer or a host to take your bets, deal the cards, or pay the winnings. Visit our live dealer casino top list here.

Live Dealer Games

Here you'll find the best casino games that are played with a live dealer or game show host. This high-value entertainment comes closest to the live casino experience. Play from high-stakes blackjack tables to low-stakes roulette tables, and other live table games in the comfort of your living room.

Popular live casino games like Crazy Time, Dreamcatcher, Lightning Roulette, and the new Adventures beyond Wonderland games are modern spin-offs of the live casino genre.

Progressive Jackpot Games

The best casino games wouldn't be complete without the possibility to win a jackpot! All the slot games in this section are linked to jackpots that build up with each spin. A more accurate name for jackpot slots is progressive jackpot slots. With every qualified spin, a small percentage of the bet goes into the jackpot prize pool. These prize pools are shared with hundreds of online casinos in many different countries and can build up to multi-million dollar prizes. Hence, Progressive Jackpot Casinos offer these mega jackpots as they represent the ultimate dream for any player, to be life-changing lucky.


Bingo might not be as popular online as in Delta Bingo and Gaming Halls, but many casino sites start offering Bingo from the comfort of your own home and often start new bingo rounds at set times. The game rules are easy and are even accessible in the lobby at any point and time.