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Gamblers At Heart

It all started way before the age of 18, the legal age to gamble in the Netherlands. Playing poker for real money and gadgets with friends and friends of friends in parks and snack bars. On the evening of my 18th birthday, I went to Holland Casino, because I could finally go to the casino legally. Poker was slightly different in a real casino, so I quickly switched to playing other table games like blackjack and roulette. The Holland Casino dealers taught me how to play all casino table games.

Why write casino reviews online?

Gambling has always been a part of my life and during the pandemic, I got the opportunity to build bestbonuslist.com to write casino reviews online. That day at Holland Casino I never believed I'd write casino reviews online. But It's easy to do something you love doing, many hours go into playing casino games and finding the best casino sites. Could be a lot worse, right?

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