7 Online Gambling Myths Debunked

The recent revolution in the technological sector has created a shift from visiting local casino or gaming halls to being able to to gamble safely from the comfort of your home. This is made possible by casino & gambling websites where Canadians can come together to try their lucks and skills. Despite the security and the authentication processes these platforms undergo, many Canadian gamblers complained about dissatisfaction based on the mere spread of myths and misconceptions without verification. This article will discuss debunking online gambling myths and the need not to worry about them. Let's get going.


Online Casinos Are Rigged

Most gamblers blame the system for the beam of losing on a bet or settling for less. They bring on excuses to make themselves feel better, rather than accept all the faults. Put in mind that online gambling sites are under control by regulations of the gambling commission of the country they are operated. There is frequent auditing to check the credibility of their services.

No one is behind the screen operating how often you win or lose. Most games are based on randomity, and your winning depends on your luck. In some games, it depends on your skills, but not on the online platform you use.

Online Gambling is Illegal

Most countries including Canada approve of online gambling, and hence, anyone who engages in this isn't susceptible to any criminal offence related to gambling. There are exceptions for some countries where gambling is illegal like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and others whose citizens have partial rights to play a bet online.

If you are interested in gambling online, you shouldn't feel remorse about trying out online casinos or other games. You can simply is allowed in your jurisdiction before getting involved. However, if you are allowed to play in local casinos or betting centres, there are higher chances you will be allowed to bet online too.

Bigger Chance To Win After Losing

If you believe this, you are more likely to lose more than average on an unlucky day. No online casino site or platform gives you a reward for losing. If you keep losing, the loss is solely on you and doesn't mean you will be pitied. The algorithm has no idea who you are and isn't programmed to allocate winnings by a number of losses. It is mainly a game of chance and randomity. If you are lucky to get a winning, then you are.

And also, put in mind the number of wins isn't allocated by the programmed algorithms. The probability of winning increases with the number of games played, but this doesn't mean you will fall into favour after a while. Gamble within your limits, and when you are off, maybe your luck lies on another day.


Online Casinos Are Not Secure

Before engaging in any gambling activities on an online platform, it is advised to research the platform and validate its credibility before putting your money into it. Accredited gambling platforms have privacy terms that contain how your personal information will be handled and the usage of every demanded data.

Encryption programs are in place to safeguard your information and safety while using their services. These are maintained frequently by professional technicians and legal commission in the industry. Your funds won't be reduced or stolen by hackers if you go for platforms with more reputation. However, if there is a breach in security, the site will find a way to make sure it players information are protected.

Online Gamblers Are Vulnerable To Addiction

This is widely spread because online gambling sites can be accessed at the home, workplace, and all places with internet connection. Some people think it makes players addicted to gambling coupled with popular gambling syndrome. This is wrong. Addiction doesn't come from the availability of gambling opportunities, but from obsessions to continue which can be also referred to as Gambling Syndrome.

It is not strange that gambling is addictive, but it depends on the emotional attachment and not based on the type of gambling option used. An addicted gambler will continue in their path of other addiction with or without online gambling sites. However, Players are advised To learn to practice moderation while gambling.

Withdrawing Winnings Is Difficult

The payment options of most online gambling sites are the same as most online transactions you use. They are user-centric, easy to use, and optimized to deliver payment on time. Withdrawal isn't difficult, but the process is solely determined by your mode of transaction. Some mediums are fast, while some take time and payment gets delayed. In this case, when you reach out to customer service about your limitations, your withdrawal will be resolved. You can check our list of fast payout casinos to know which sites are suitable for you.

Underage Gambling is Allowed

Verification procedures are in place to supervise the application and opening of betting accounts. Age limits are an important part of the application, and if underage betting is allowed on a site, the administration risks being sued. No gambling site will want to risk this. Most of them take their time to verify new users with a recognized identification card before they are allowed to engage in any betting game. Hence, online gambling sites don't allow individuals that are not of legal age to gamble.


Other myths circulated include not being easy to win, land-based casinos getting low patronage, and lack of transparency, which are all not true. What you should do before you attempt to gamble on a site is to research the credibility of Online Casinos for Canadians. After this, you can go on and enjoy your experiences after considering some other important factors.