Popular Authentic Gaming Games and Features

While Authentic Gaming is predominantly known for their live roulette games, they do provide a selection of slot-like games with unique characteristics:

Blaze Roulette

A standout offering that combines classic roulette gameplay with engaging hosts and a visually striking environment. Set in a sleek studio with LED lights illuminating the game wheel, this innovative variant ensures that the traditional game feels fresh and exciting.

Auto Roulette LIVE Classic 1

For those who prefer a speedy game, this live automatic roulette features a quick turnaround between spins, which translates to more opportunities to play and win in any given session. Its classic design appeals to purists of the game.

Auto Roulette LIVE Speed 2

This version takes the fast-paced gameplay up a notch. Designed for players looking for rapid play, Speed 2 reduces the waiting time between spins even further, emphasizing non-stop action.

Authentic Gaming's Style and Experience

The outstanding feature of Authentic Gaming’s live casino offerings is the authenticity they provide. The high-definition live streams and professional dealers are handpicked to deliver an experience that rivals any high-end Vegas casino floor. Whether it's through the opulence of the settings or the meticulous attention to detail, Authentic Gaming ensures that the player's experience is as realistic and engaging as possible.

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If you're looking to experience the best of live dealer games and want to immerse yourself in a premium casino environment from your own home, Authentic Gaming is the provider to watch. Check out their most popular offerings through our exclusive slider:

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Explore the Thrilling World of Authentic Gaming Live Casino Games

Step into the vibrant realm of online casino gaming with Authentic Gaming, a developer renowned for delivering live dealer games right from luxurious casino floors to your screens. For live dealer players looking to bet in Canadian Dollars (CAD), Authentic Gaming offers an array of top-tier games that promise both excitement and authenticity.

The Top Authentic Gaming Casino Picks

While Authentic Gaming primarily focuses on live roulette, here we highlight some of their most sought-after games enjoyed by slot enthusiasts at online casinos that accept CAD currency:

  • Blaze Roulette - A classic European roulette variant with a modern twist, featuring a stunning environment lit by LED lights, and available at selected times with a live presenter.
  • Auto Roulette LIVE Classic 1 - Offers a fast-paced, automated roulette experience that's available 24/7, perfect for players who prefer quicker game rounds.
  • Auto Roulette LIVE Speed 2 - As the name suggests, this game is all about speed. Ideal for experienced roulette players looking for more thrill per minute.
  • Authentic Roulette Original - Capture the essence of European roulette with the Authentic Roulette Original, streamed live from real casino floors.
  • Authentic Roulette Turbo - A faster version of live roulette, Authentic Roulette Turbo is designed for those who enjoy a quicker pace without losing the live dealer experience.

Authentic Gaming Casino Features

Immersive Gameplay: Authentic Gaming's offerings provide an immersive gaming experience with HD video streams that bring the casino action to life.

Professional Dealers: Each game is hosted by professional and friendly dealers, ensuring a seamless and sociable gaming session for players.

Mobile Compatibility: Designed to be mobile-friendly, Authentic Gaming's titles are accessible on a variety of devices, giving players the freedom to play anytime, anywhere.

Playing with Canadian Dollars (CAD)

Authentic Gaming Casinos cater to players preferring to use CAD for their gaming transactions. Various payment options are available to ensure secure and convenient deposits and withdrawals tailored to cater to Canadian players.

Where to Find Authentic Gaming Tables?

Quality casinos that feature Authentic Gaming products often also host a selection of real money tables from other top providers. Players can enjoy a diverse gaming experience while utilizing the same CAD currency across the platform.

Finding the Right Casino

When choosing a casino offering Authentic Gaming's live dealer games and table games, it is essential to consider factors such as licensing, customer support, bonus offers, and the overall reputation of the casino. The right platform should uphold high-security standards and fair gameplay practices.

Bonus Offers and Promotions

Keep an eye out for attractive bonus offers, including welcome bonuses, deposit matches, and loyalty programs. These can enhance your gaming experience and provide more opportunities to win.

Customer Support

Quality customer support is crucial. Ensure the casino you choose has an accessible and helpful support team, ready to assist you with any inquiries or issues you may encounter during your gaming sessions.

Final Words on Authentic Gaming Casinos

Authentic Gaming continues to make waves in the world of online casinos by providing exhilarating live gaming experiences. Remember to check out their top games, play responsibly, and enjoy the thrill of the game.

Exploring the World of Authentic Gaming Casinos

Authentic Gaming Casinos is a notable name in the live casino market, known for creating premium live casino experiences that resonate well with roulette players. Their focus on roulette streamed from real casinos gives players a taste of true casino action from the comfort of their homes.

Company Origins and Growth

Established in 2015, Authentic Gaming has carved a niche within the iGaming industry by specializing in live-streamed roulette games. As a relatively young entrant, the company has already made significant strides in providing a high-quality, immersive gaming experience.

Global Presence and Office Locations

With a global outreach, Authentic Gaming has expanded its operations beyond its initial setup. The company's headquarters are located in Malta, a central hub for the online gaming industry due to its well-established regulatory framework.

Notable Founders and Team Members

While information about specific team members or founders isn't widely publicized, the success of Authentic Gaming Casinos speaks to the expertise and dedication of its team. The company's ability to partner with land-based casinos to stream live roulette games is a testament to the innovative spirit and vision of its leadership.

Innovations and Contributions to Gaming

Authentic Gaming Casinos brought a disruptive innovation to the iGaming market, with their Authentic Roulette allowing players to participate in games that occur in real time at real tables within actual land-based casinos across the world. This novel approach offers an unparalleled level of realism and authenticity to online roulette.

Recognitions and Licensing

Authentic Gaming holds several licenses evidencing their compliance with industry standards, including from the Malta Gaming Authority, one of the most rigorous regulators in the gambling sphere. These accreditations guarantee the provider's commitment to fair and secure gaming.

Authentic Gaming's Impact on the Live Casino Sector

The innovations introduced by Authentic Gaming have not only enhanced the player experience but also set new benchmarks for what is possible in live casino gaming. The company's unique approach to live roulette has earned them a deserved spot among the most respected providers in the online casino industry.

Understanding the Legitimacy and Regulations of Authentic Gaming Casinos

Engaging with Authentic Gaming Casinos raises questions about their legitimacy and the fairness of their games. Players looking for a trustworthy online gaming experience need to consider the licensing credentials of the game provider. Licenses are a cornerstone of online casino regulation, demonstrating a provider's adherence to strict industry standards.

What Licenses Do Authentic Gaming Casinos Hold?

Authentic Gaming is recognized for specializing in live roulette games streamed from luxurious locations. The authenticity and trustworthiness of any game provider are signaled by the licenses they hold. For example, Authentic Gaming typically operates under Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) licenses, which is a reputable regulatory body in the online gambling industry. These licenses ensure that the operator upholds the necessary regulations to provide fair and secure gaming experiences to players.

Can Online Casinos Manipulate RTP?

Many players wonder if online casinos can manipulate the Return to Player (RTP) percentage. RTP is a crucial concept in gambling, representing the percentage of total bets that a game will return to players over time. It is a theoretical calculation designed to provide a long-term expectation.

Understanding RTP and Its Function

The RTP is typically set by the game developers and embedded into the game's software. Legitimate online casinos do not alter the RTP as it's regulated and audited by third-party agencies to ensure fairness and transparency. Games from reputable providers maintain their RTP regardless of the casino hosting them.

Expectations for Canadian Players Regarding RTP

Players in Canada should expect an unaltered RTP that gives them a fair indication of potential payback percentages. Reputable gaming authorities regularly audit legitimate casinos to ensure that the advertised RTP reflects the gameplay. Players can often find RTP information within the game details or help files.

How to Get Help and File a Complaint

If players have issues with a game provider like Authentic Gaming, they can get help through several channels. The first step is to contact the customer service department of the casino hosting the game. If this does not resolve the issue, players may escalate their complaint to the relevant gaming authority, such as the Malta Gaming Authority, which oversees Authentic Gaming.

Filing a Complaint Against a Game Provider

To file a complaint against a game provider, document all relevant communication and details, then submit a report directly to the gaming authority. The authority will then investigate the matter according to its regulatory guidance.

Self-Exclusion from Authentic Gaming Products

Players seeking to self-exclude from Authentic Gaming's games will generally have to utilize the self-exclusion features provided by the online casino that hosts these games. Most regulated online casinos offer self-exclusion options, allowing players to take a break or permanently exclude themselves from gambling activities.

In summary, Authentic Gaming Casinos operate under stringent licenses ensuring security and fair play. The RTP for their games is a figure that cannot be manipulated by the online casinos. Canadian players should expect adherence to consistent RTP figures and fair gaming standards, and they have avenues for help and self-exclusion if necessary.

Explore a Variety of Games at Authentic Gaming Casinos

Authentic Gaming is renowned for their immersive live casino experiences, often associated with popular games like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and Poker. Players may also recognize the instant win appeal of Scratchcards associated with this provider. However, Authentic Gaming's portfolio extends beyond these well-known classics.

Live Dealer Games

The core of Authentic Gaming's offering is its live dealer games, where players can enjoy real-time gaming with professional dealers. This includes several versions of live roulette, streamed from luxurious locations and prestigious casinos worldwide.

Game Shows

As the live casino market evolves, Authentic Gaming has kept pace by incorporating live game show style games. These games offer an engaging experience with the addition of interactive elements and bonus rounds.

Innovative Roulette Variants

Authentic Gaming has made a name for themselves with innovative roulette variants. These games take traditional roulette and add unique twists, offering new betting options and features to enhance gameplay.

Auto Roulette

For those looking for fast-paced action, Authentic Gaming provides Auto Roulette options. These automated games run 24/7 and allow for a high volume of spins per hour.

While Authentic Gaming specializes in live casino and roulette games, it's important to check with specific casinos to see the full range of games they offer under the Authentic Gaming brand, as the availability may vary.

A Glimpse into the Honors: Authentic Gaming Casinos

Within the competitive landscape of online casino gaming, a few innovative companies manage to stand out by garnering industry recognition and accolades. Authentic Gaming, a game developer known for live casino solutions, has made a tangible impact in this realm.

Industry Awards and Nominations

The journey through the corridors of recognition often leads to prestigious awards ceremonies where noteworthy game developers like Authentic Gaming are celebrated. Industry awards provide a platform for showcasing excellence in various categories, ranging from innovation and technology to user experience and beyond.

Noteworthy Accolades

Authentic Gaming has received several nominations and awards over the years, reflecting their commitment to excellence and innovation in the iGaming industry. Among their collective achievements, certain distinctions stand out and highlight their talent. It is essential to keep up to date with the latest award announcements from reputable awarding bodies such as the EGR Awards, International Gaming Awards, and others, as Authentic Gaming continues to make strides in the market.

Exploring Key Achievements

Acknowledgement by reputable award bodies serves as a testament to a developer's hard work and innovation. Such recognition brings to light the exceptional gaming experiences they provide to users worldwide, alongside the ingenuity in crafting live casino content of the highest quality.

Accolades for Innovation and User Experience

Among the accolades, particular emphasis is placed on awards that recognize innovation, user experience, and mobile gaming excellence. These highlight Authentic Gaming's dedication to creating engaging and intuitive gaming environments that resonate with players on various platforms.

While the list of awards and nominations should remain current, it’s crucial for enthusiasts and industry partners to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of game developers like Authentic Gaming for their contribution to advancing the iGaming sector.

Exploring Authentic Gaming Casino Promotions and Bonuses

For players looking for an immersive online casino experience, Authentic Gaming's casinos provide a variety of thrilling live dealer games. Alongside their high-quality gaming options, these casinos often entice players with compelling promotions and bonuses. Let's delve into some of their most notable offers.

Welcome Bonuses

New players are often greeted with welcome bonuses, which typically include a match bonus on the first deposit, providing an added boost to start their casino journey. These bonuses might also come with free spins on designated slot games.

No Deposit Bonuses

At times, Authentic Gaming casinos may feature no deposit bonuses. These promotions grant players a small bonus simply for signing up, without the need to deposit first. This type of bonus is perfect for trying out the casino's offerings without any monetary commitment.

Free Spins

Free spins are another popular promotion, often provided alongside a welcome package or as a standalone offer. These spins give players the opportunity to enjoy slot games for free while still having the chance to win real money.

Cashback Offers

A cashback offer is a safety net that refunds players a percentage of their losses over a certain period. Authentic Gaming casinos may provide these cashback offers as a way to encourage users to keep playing, ensuring a portion of their gameplay is risk-free.

Loyalty Programs

For the consistent players, loyalty programs are a way to earn rewards over time. Points can be accumulated through regular play and later exchanged for bonuses, free spins, or other perks.

High Roller Bonuses

Players making significant deposits can benefit from high roller bonuses. These promotions offer larger match bonuses for substantial deposits, catering to those who prefer playing with higher stakes.

Tournaments and Competitions

On occasion, Authentic Gaming casinos may host thrilling tournaments and competitions where players can compete against one another for bonus funds, free spins, or even cash prizes.

Seasonal and Event-Specific Promotions

Special events or holidays often come with unique promotional offers. These can range from Halloween slot tournaments to Christmas advent calendars with daily rewards. Keeping an eye on the casino's promotions page can ensure players don't miss out on these timely offers.

Refer-a-Friend Bonuses

Some Authentic Gaming casinos reward players for bringing new members to the platform. The refer-a-friend bonus typically gives the referring player a bonus once their referred friend makes their first deposit.

Remember to always read the terms and conditions associated with any promotion or bonus, as wagering requirements and game restrictions may apply.

Discovering Authentic Gaming Casinos and Their Unique Gaming Experiences

Authentic Gaming is a provider that has carved out a niche for itself in the online casino world, offering immersive live roulette games streamed from premium locations. In this blog, we delve into some frequently asked questions about Authentic Gaming Casinos and their offerings, addressing what makes them a go-to choice for fans of live casino games.

What Makes Authentic Gaming Stand Out?

Authentic Gaming is known for its innovative approach to live casino. The provider specializes in live roulette that is streamed from actual casino floors across the world, allowing players to experience the ambience and excitement of real casinos from the comfort of their homes.

Where Are Authentic Gaming's Live Streams Broadcast From?

Authentic Gaming takes pride in its high-end casino partners. The games are livestreamed from prestigious casino locations such as Saint Vincent Resort & Casino in Italy, Casino International in Georgia, and other luxurious venues around the globe.

Which Games Are Offered by Authentic Gaming?

While Authentic Gaming's focus is primarily on live roulette, they offer various versions of the game, including:

  • Classic Roulette
  • Blaze Roulette
  • Auto Roulette
  • VIP Roulette
  • Speed Roulette

Are Authentic Gaming's Titles Mobile-Friendly?

Yes, Authentic Gaming puts a strong emphasis on mobile compatibility. Their games are designed to work seamlessly across all devices, ensuring a top-quality gaming experience whether on desktop, tablet, or mobile.

How Can Players Trust the Authenticity of Authentic Gaming Casinos?

Authentic Gaming is licensed and regulated by reputable authorities, ensuring fairness and transparency in their games. State-of-the-art technology and professional dealers further guarantee an authentic and trustable gaming environment.

Can Players Interact with Dealers in Authentic Gaming's Live Casino Games?

Interaction with dealers is encouraged, providing a social aspect that enhances the live gaming experience. Players can use the provided chat features to communicate with the dealers and other players.

Are There Any Bonuses Specific to Authentic Gaming Live Tables?

Some casino operators offer special promotions and bonuses for live casino tables, including those powered by Authentic Gaming. Players should check with their chosen casino for any current promotions tied to Authentic Gaming's products.

Is It Possible to Play Authentic Gaming's Live Roulette for Free?

Typically, live dealer games require real money bets. However, players interested in Authentic Gaming's live roulette can sometimes find casinos offering demo or trial sessions allowing them to get a feel of the games without wagering real money.

How Does Authentic Gaming Ensure Responsible Gambling?

Authentic Gaming promotes responsible gambling practices. They work closely with online casinos to provide tools and resources that help maintain control over gambling activities and prevent problem gambling.

Where Can Players Access Authentic Gaming's Titles?

Authentic Gaming's live roulette games are available on numerous online casinos that partner with the provider. Players should look for reputable online casinos that host Authentic Gaming's portfolio to enjoy a distinctive live roulette experience.


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